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Air Freight

Air freight services connect numerous airports and destinations worldwide, providing extensive coverage and accessibility. With IATA certification, we offer excellent air freight rates from all major airlines globally. We at Cargosavvy offer Time Critical Air freight shipments like AOG, Next Flight Out (NFO) and Express cargo services. We provide shipment tracking and monitoring, allowing businesses and customers to stay informed about the status of their shipments in real-time. We offer competitive air freight for export out of Singapore and imports from various parts of the world

Ocean Freight

With contracts from major shipping lines , at cargosavvy we offer the best Ocean Freight rates for your shipping needs. We offer Less than Container Load (LCL) and Full Container Load (FCL) services as per the customer needs. With bonded warehouse facilities, Cargosavvy offers competitive transshipment solutions for global cargo movement with Singapore as transshipment hub.

Customs Clearance

With a dedicated in house custom clearance team, your shipments will have a seamless custom clearance process. With the use of latesttechnologies , your data goes through our systems and gets you the most accurate solution in the most cost effective manner. Customs clearance is often a complex and specialized process that requires expertise and knowledge of international trade regulations. With our expertise and knowledge, businesses navigate the complexities of customs procedures, reduce the risk of delays or penalties, and ensure the efficient movement of goods across borders

Project Cargo

Project cargo refers to the transportation of large, heavy, oversized, or high-value goods that require specialized handling, equipment, and planning to be moved from one location to another.Handling project cargo requires experienced professionals with expertise in logistics, engineering, and transportation to ensure a successful and safe shipment. With an expert project team, we can assure that your project shipments are in the safe hands with efficient planning, operational excellence and cost savings.


The primary function of a warehouse is to provide a secure and organized storage space for goods. Cargosavvy have both bonded and non bonded warehouse facilities to offer your valuable customers with various warehousing solutions combined with robust warehouse management systems . Our warehouses are strategically located in the Cargo Centre and other strategic areas to optimize the distribution of goods and reduce delivery times to end consumers.


Courier/Express services are widely used by businesses for time-critical deliveries, supply chain management, and last-mile delivery in the e-commerce industry. We can customize your courier products by offering value added services like packing. With corporate accounts with major courier companies, we offer excellent rates on express/courier rates.

Cross Border​

Cross-border logistics refers to the process of managing the transportation and movement of goods and shipments across international borders.Staying compliant with international trade regulations, import/export restrictions, and trade agreements is essential for successful cross-border logistics. With dedicated team and vendors Cargosavvy manage cross border trucking shipments between Singapore , Malaysia and Thailand.

Ship Spares​

Shipping spares, also known as ship spare parts, refer to the various components, equipment, and machinery parts required for the maintenance, repair, and operation of ships and vessels. These spares are essential to ensure the smooth functioning and safety of maritime vessels during their operational life. When a ship requires urgent repairs or spare parts, shipping companies rely on efficient logistics and courier services to deliver the necessary items to the vessel promptly. Cargosavvy have a 24/7 bonded warehouse facility, dedicated team and have a global network of warehouses and service centers to support the fleet of vessels, ensuring a timely supply of spares regardless of the ship's location.


Perishables refer to goods and products that have a limited shelf life and are susceptible to spoilage or deterioration if not properly stored and transported under appropriate conditions. Maintaining the right temperature is crucial to preserving the quality and safety of perishable goods during transportation and storage. Refrigerated or temperature-controlled vehicles and storage facilities are often used. Perishable goods often require specialized cold chain logistics, which involve a seamless and temperature-controlled supply chain from origin to destination. With excellent vendor base and connectivity, Cargosavvy can handle all your perishable cargo requirements.

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